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Xibicion Salsa Performance Group from the Santo Rico Dance School

Xibicion Salsa Performance Group 2007


Xibicion Salsa Performance Group is a diverse group of semi-professional performers comprised of students that have successfully completed Santo Rico’s fundamental curriculum of classes, and who are interested in pursuing dancing as a professional hobby.

They came down from the Santo Rico Dance School in New York, NY to perform at the Atrium Dance Studio’s Anniversary Latin Party on February 3, 2007.

It was fun to watch this group of dancers perform because they were full of energy. You can even feel it watching the video.

Here is the performance by Xibicion !

and here it is again at another angle. Special thanks to Kimmy from the Atrium Dance Studio for lending me the video! If you play both videos at the same time you can sync them up and watch at two different angles at the same time. Cool stuff!

If you want to take lessons at Santo Rico Dance School, check out the Dance Lesson section on this website for more information.


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