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Womens Basic Salsa Step

Womens Basic Salsa Step

Here is an animation for the womens basic salsa step.

Slow Animation

Womens Basic Salsa Step Slow Animation

If you took a look at the man’s basic salsa step, you’ll notice that the women’s basic salsa step is exactly the same.. Except that the women’s step starts on the second half of the man’s basic.

Why? you ask..

The man starts his basic step by stepping forward on his left foot.

If the woman doesn’t move her right foot backward, then the man will step on her. I’m sure she’d appreciate that, right?

Also, if the woman starts the basic step with her left foot, she would end up stepping on the man’s foot. Not good either.

So, if you are a woman, how do you remember which foot to start on? Just remember that women are in their right mind and should start on their right foot.

Fast Animation

Womens Basic Salsa Step Fast Animation

Above is a faster animation of the woman’s basic salsa step. Practice the with the slow animation first, then when you get comfortable, try the fast animation.

You should be able to step only when the footstep appears. If you follow the footsteps, you will be able to get a feel for timing.

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