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Find where to take salsa lessons!

Find where to take salsa lessons

So how do you find out where to take salsa lessons?

Your goal is to find out who the dance instructors are in your area and who might work best for you.

Do a search

The first step is to do a search and find out what salsa clubs are in your area. Use the search term “salsa dancing clubs New Jersey” and replace “New Jersey” with your state or town.

Sometimes the lists you find are out of date. So make sure that you call the club to make sure they still have Latin nights.

Where to take salsa lessons - Club 212

In fact, call all the clubs that you might go to and ask if they have free lessons before the dance. Many of the clubs have dance instructors around the area that teach a beginner lesson before the class.

There are usually 2 or more different dance instructors in your area, so try and find 2 or 3 different clubs.

Gather your flyers

Alternatively, you may want to do a search of salsa dance instructors or salsa studios in your area. You can visit a studio, but don’t start taking lessons yet! Gather flyers for salsa clubs in the area and try and meet some of the students to find out more information. Perhaps you might come at the right time and watch a beginner lesson.

Beginner lessons are usually taught in cycles, so make sure to get a lesson calendar from the studio. You are pretty much ready to find out where to take salsa lessons.

Take Free Lessons

Now its free lesson time! You can go out to the clubs and take a few free lessons and sample the teaching style of the dancing instructors.

While you are there

Ask Around!

The salsa crowd is very friendly. Try and talk to the good dancers in the club and find out where they where to take salsa lessons. You may even find out that they are in instructor!

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