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What to wear to a salsa date?

What to wear to a salsa date?


Ok, I have a blind date with a salsa maniac. Neither of us are spring chickens (ok, over 40!). I’m trained in ballet and some ballroom but not really so much salsa. What do I wear for shoes??

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Oct 28, 2009 Callejero

by: Anonymous

If he is a salsa addicted a good idea to give a good impression, would be give him a salsa T-shirt from Callejero – www.callejero.com.br it is the most famous salsa t-shirt brand made in brazil and spread in all latin america. Just who is a really salsa addictec knows about it 😉 good luck

Oct 28, 2009 Thanks!!!

by: Anonymous

Thanks, Eric. I appreciate it.

Oct 28, 2009 Suggestions

by: Eric

From what my Salsa instructors suggest the best thing to wear is a pair of heels with straps on them. And if they have a smooth sole on them, that would help. But sneakers and shoes with out backs are not good.

Hope you have fun and hopefully you’ll get hooked too.

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