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What to wear to a salsa date?

What to wear to a salsa date?


Ok, I have a blind date with a salsa maniac. Neither of us are spring chickens (ok, over 40!). I’m trained in ballet and some ballroom but not really so much salsa. What do I wear for shoes??

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Oct 28, 2009 Callejero

by: Anonymous

If he is a salsa addicted a good idea to give a good impression, would be give him a salsa T-shirt from Callejero – www.callejero.com.br it is the most famous salsa t-shirt brand made in brazil and spread in all latin america. Just who is a really salsa addictec knows about it 😉 good luck

Oct 28, 2009 Thanks!!!

by: Anonymous

Thanks, Eric. I appreciate it.

Oct 28, 2009 Suggestions

by: Eric

From what my Salsa instructors suggest the best thing to wear is a pair of heels with straps on them. And if they have a smooth sole on them, that would help. But sneakers and shoes with out backs are not good.

Hope you have fun and hopefully you’ll get hooked too.

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By Rossi Tue Sep 17th 2019 at 11:24 am  

When dancing Salsa, anything that is appropriate is welcome. However, this does change depending on the circumstance.

Scenario 1 – If partaking in a social workshop/event, trainers/sneakers are acceptable as well as heels. Just avoid tracksuits and you’ll be fine

Scenario 2 – If more formal, such as a date or formal party with the Latin theme, then for girls, heels show off how elegant you come across (just avoid the extremely thin heeled shoes as they can snap easily during salsa), and to top it off, have a dress that is comfortable, not necessary standing out. Put it this way, would you want to be uncomfortable during dancing?
For the guys, you can go two ways, either smart casual, or all out smart and formal. Suits, trousers, jeans, even ties and bowties are more than acceptable. Just remember to keep your breath fresh as you will be a close distance to each other.

Also, if I’m way too late to help out, then just remember, it’s never too late!

Signing off,
Regular Salsa guru, Rossi.

P.s. Do update me on how it went (even if it is 10yrs ago)

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