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What to wear at a salsa club – What to Wear for Salsa

What to wear at a salsa club

Salsa Club Dress Code

Here’s what to wear at a salsa club. Depending on where you go, each club will have a different set of guidelines. If you don’t follow them, you might end up going home to a danceless night.

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#1 Rule for what to wear at a salsa club

Wear comfortable shoes without a rubber sole – preferably salsa dance shoes.

Shoes that work best are dance shoes with a suede bottom,

jazz dance sneakers
VF Matrix Red
(they look like sneakers, but you still can spin on them), or dress shoes with a leather sole. Women, you can also wear heels with the straps, so your heel doesn’t come up from the shoe.

Also, if you want to be stylish, there are also dance shoes that look like sneakers called Gabellini Dance Shoes.  I personally wear them whenever I can, because they are much more comfortable than regular dance shoes.

Gabellini Dance Shoe - Classic style

Do you want to become a cripple?

Then go ahead and wear sneakers.

Most salsa clubs do not allow you to wear sneakers while dancing because they mar up the floor. Also, you won’t be able to turn in sneakers. The rubber sole on sneakers grip the floor too much and could cause you to twist and injure your joints.

Sneakers with rubbers soles are definitely things not to wear at a salsa club.

As for attire

You should call ahead and ask what kind of clothing is acceptable and what to wear at a salsa club. Back in the day, it used to be that you couldn’t go anywhere without dressing to impress. But nowadays its usually casual or dress to impress.

Casual clothing

e.K. Clothing Purple Gathered Bodice Dress
Women, you can come in jeans and shirt. Skirts are fine too, but you might want to wear shorts underneath if you think it will fly up.

Halter tops and tank tops should also be ok as long as any moves don’t require you to bend over (for obvious reasons). You shouldn’t have to worry about bending over if you’re just a beginner.

If you have long hair, you might want to wear it up. Sparkly things and scrunchies are always good to hold up your hair. And don’t forget good ole’ fashioned rubber bands.

Avoid wearing your hair in a pony tail. It may blind the your leader as it whips around when you turn.

Whether its dress to impress or casual, you can’t go wrong wearing a salsa dress or skirt from e.K. ClothingRead our review on e.K. Clothing. They have affordable prices and fantastic customer service! Think of e.K clothing next time you wonder what to wear at a salsa club.

Guys usually come dressed in jeans and a t-shirt or polo shirt. Sometimes they show up in a button-down shirt. It really depends on the weather. Short sleeves are best all year round, because it tends to get hot in long sleeves.

If its winter time, you should never wear a sweater or turtle neck unless you plan on taking it off. You’ll end up sweaty and hot in one of these. Of course, if you make this mistake, I bet you’ll never make it again.

If you are prone to sweating (salseros y salseras), please please please bring a doo rag with you. Basically a towel you can use to wipe yourself down. There’s nothing more disgusting turning a girl and have her sweat fly off her hair and into your open mouth. The thought of it makes me want to gag.

What is your favorite outfit to wear?

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

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