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What is the home of Salsa?

What is the home of Salsa?


What is the country that most feel is the home of salsa?

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Sep 14, 2010 I believe that New York (the U.S.) is the home of salsa

by: Anonymous

The place that is considered the home of salsa is highly debated. Because salsa has influences from so many different cultures,including African, Cuban, and Puerto Rican, many countries claim to be the place where it first came into being. My opinion is that New York is the home of salsa, because that is the place where salsa as it is known today first evolved. Mambo is a music and dance style that developed when Africans were brought to Cuba during the slave trade. This was then brought to New York where, with influences from jazz, hustle, and the surrounding culture, it eventually developed into salsa.

Since New York is the place where salsa in itself truly developed, all it’s influences aside, it is the only place that can be singled out as the one true home of salsa. Other countries can be given credit for their influence and for being the roots of salsa, but there is no way to, for example, choose Puerto Rico over Cuba as the place where Salsa originated. Both were influences, yet neither is the place where salsa music was first played.

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