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Tony Cee – Tony Cordero – Salsa Instructor Biography

Tony Cee – Tony Cordero – Biography

Tony Cee started to teach dancing around 1990, almost 18 years ago! He went through a trainingTony Cee - Tony Cordero Salsa Dancing Instructor
program and started as a dance instructor for ballroom dancing.  Tony was then living in Florida and taught at different studios.

Tony moved to California in 1995 and first started as a dance teacher for Arthur Murray Studios and then a bunch of different studios. Eventually he stopped associating himself with any particular studio and became an independent dance teacher.

When he first started going to salsa clubs in the L. A. area, Tony noticed that there were a lot of people who seemed to be interested in dancing and learning salsa. At the time, it wasn’t as popular as it is right now. Tony Cee began migrating from teaching ballroom to teaching more salsa and swing. Swing was popular in the late nineties, but as it started to die down he started to teach more salsa dancing.

Being a part of the salsa scene, Tony met many nice people. From that time till now he has taught a great number of people. Tony Cee also has been involved in the entertainment industry dancing in movies, TV shows, award shows, private parties, and other functions. He stopped being involved with all that a few years ago and now just mainly teaches. Tony also performs every once in a while (not too much).

Tony tries to give students something different than other teachers provide. He has always thought that it is important to have good technique when you are dancing. Although it is hard to teach technique in a group class, he tries to focus on transitions when teaching groups. It is important to Tony to teach people how to transition from one move to the next even when it is a very basic class. To him, that is what makes dancing beautiful; the general flow from one move to the other as if you are telling a story when you are dancing.

A lot of people seem to think that the more moves they learn, the better dancers they become. Sadly, a lot of teachers think the same way. Tony Cee shares his opinion "It is not what you know that makes you good, but how you do it. A person can learn the words to 200 different songs and still sing terribly. Good singers are ones that can sing on key, be able to project their voice, and so on……."

Last week Tony did this very casual dance performance at an open mic night at a local coffee shop here is the video:

Tony Cee comments on his performance:

"I almost bit it during the routine but I was able to save it with out falling on my butt. That is what is important to me: how to make the best of each situation by using your judgment and experience to create a good visual experience for anyone watching.."

Website: www.longbeachsalsaclub.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TonyCeeLB

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