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Time To Become a Professional Salsa Dancer

Time To Become a Professional Salsa Dancer

by Magnet

(London England)


How long would it normally take for someone to become a professional salsa dancer?

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Feb 16, 2009 Becoming a Professional Salsa Dancer

by: Anonymous

It would take at least a year under the training of a well known and respected technical teacher to become a professional salsa dancer. Anyone can become a salsa dancer; but if you want to be of high caliber, amazing…then non stop training in all areas of salsa dancing is needed. The experience can be painful depending on your level of fitness and how much bad habits you picked up over the years of dancing. Depending on On1 or On2, spinning, body angles, body lines, body conditioning,posture, non-traditional partner work, etc are all areas that need to be top notch in order to be considered a professional. Presentation and charisma can be taught once you establish a high technicality in salsa technique. The ability to have a vision to correct yourself is essential once you master the techniques and come into your own. Teachers commend students that are able to fix themselves without the teacher telling them to do so.

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By Zhantuar Wed Nov 8th 2017 at 4:18 pm  

How can I find a well known and respected technical teacher? Where are the best ones in terms of cost and responsibility? I mean if I want to study On1 where should I go? USA or Puerto Rico, or maybe Columbia? Is there any rankings of teachers who have their dancing schools?

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