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Things that will get you on my list quick….

Things that will get you on my list quick….

by Richard

(Washington DC)


1. I absolutely hate it when a woman ask me what I dance on. It drives me BONKERS! I so want to tell them “I dance on beat”, but my southern up bringing denies me the satisfaction of doing so.

Dancing, real dancing, is about putting the music that you hear in a form that can be seen, like story telling is to a play. If the artist creates a song with a very strong brass section that hits and drives the song on 1 then that is what I am going to dance on. If the clave is what drives the song then I’m going to dance on 2. There are a few songs where three is the backbone so guess what I’m going to dance on.

2. Women who don’t have their own style and dance like they just got finished watching a Josie Neglia video and are doing their best immitation. They usually are so busy doing hand flips and styling that they forget to pay attention to what’s going on. I dance for fun, not for show.

3. Women that want to teach you how you should have done a certain move or try to anticipate what your next move is going to be. After dancing for 14 years I can almost bet you won’t be able to predict my next move or how I should have performed a certain move. I’m not saying I don’t screw up, because I do, but I’d hope by now that I don’t need help.

4. Women that think they can dance and they can’t. This usually ties in pretty closely to number 2. They get out on the floor and completely ham it up. You as a gentleman try not to laugh but it gets tough, so you just start working on your shines and basic moves until you can get through the song.

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