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Things that put girls on my salsa black list

Things that put girls on my salsa black list

by Tony Adams

(Washington DC )


Here is a list of things that put girls on my salsa black list.

Selfish: dances only with the absolute best dancers, turns down anyone else.

Cannot stay on the beat: And since many women have been told “it’s always the salseros fault”, don’t seem to improve.

Snobs: Refuses to take a dance class; DA!

Walkers: Women who walk, instead of dancing ( mostly on two dancers) who swear they are the best dancers in the room. Note to those women: Salsa is a Caribbean, West Indian, African, mating dance, rhythm is required. (explains why you cant dance bachata!)

Gigantic steppers: Women who need the entire floor to dance

Users: True, use guys to get drinks that’s acceptable in a club. Using guys, because you are too cheap to pay for classes, unacceptable.


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Mar 29, 2012 Question

by: Anonymous

Please elaborate on the “walking” comment. I am not sure if I understand exactly what you are referring to.

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By anonymous Mon Feb 23rd 2015 at 6:18 pm  

I know exactly what to you mean by ‘walkers’…they don’t step on the 1-2-3; 5-6-7 but just walk around the floor not on the beat at all and as a result it’s very difficult to get a rhythm going. I think it is because they either don’t have rhythm (simply can’t hear the beat) or have never been taught how to dance in time with the music!

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