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Things that Put a Woman on the Salsa Blacklist

Things that Put a Woman on the Salsa Blacklist

by Giorgio

(Washington, DC )


As a man, these are the items that put a woman on the salsa blacklist:
1) Absolutely horrible timing
2) Halitosis (bad breath)
3) Bad overall body odor and/or too sweaty
4) Ponytail that is wet and continually swatting me about the head, mouth, eyes, neck, ear and facial areas (this can be gross and also painful)
5) A lady that tries to do a fancy kick through your legs but misses and catches you square in the crotch. Yeah, this has happened on more than one occasion to me. The memory still brings tears to my eyes.

I think that it is key for everyone to try and monitor themselves for the obvious things such as keeping up a high standard of hygiene and being open/nice and respectful of your fellow dancers. Salsa rules!


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Oct 11, 2011 Blacklisting

by: Anonymous

I’ve got to add:

6)If she’s drunk

7)If she’s got a nasty attitude.

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