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The hair issue

The hair issue

by Brittney

(China, for now)


A lot of people advise that women wear their hair tightly pinned up but, as a long-haired salsa girl, I’d like to point out that a lot of guys love the look of long loose hair on a dance partner. If your hair doesn’t reach your collarbones you are probably better to tie it up or the tips of your hair will whip quite painfully across his face/eyes but, if your hair is longer (and thus heavier so it won’t fly as high) you may very well be okay to leave it down. Ask your favorite leads, but once my hair got long enough to not be slicing across their noses, most of the men I dance with told me they prefer it loose so that it moves when I spin and do head flicks/hits/etc. Always be conscious of what is preferred in the community that you dance in but don’t think you need to have your hair glued to your head all the time.

Also for the girls: jazz shorts and mid-length black leggings are your best friends! You can wear all manner of delightfully tiny mini-dress or skirt if you’ve got the proper coverage underneath.

Men: if you sweat, bring an extra shirt… and a towel. When the shirt gets wet, go dry off and put on a new one, no one wants to see or feel a sweat-soaked shirt. Also, avoid shoes with hard soles or soles that protrude around the edges of the shoe — they hurt and they make your feet bulky so you will be more likely to stomp on your partner!

Everyone: Sparkles, vivid colors, shiny materials… if you are comfortable wearing them, salsa parties are the time to indulge! Have fun with your outfit! Oh and make sure it breathes!

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