Take the Lead Dance Studio Salsa party

I recently went to Take the Lead Dance Studio for their Christmas salsa party on December 19th.  It was very unique because there was a cocktail hour from 8-9pm, where all the salseros could eat and drink an assortment of crackers, cheese, vegetable tray, and fruit snacks. 

At 9 pm there was the usual salsa dance lesson.  It progressed rather quickly from extreme beginner to beginner-intermediate moves.    Garincha made it fun and interesting.  To my surprise, the salsa lesson quickly became a salsa rueda. 

Now, here’s where things became a little odd because no other dance studio does this.   There was social salsa dancing for a while, and then there were performances.     The first performance was some sort of fusion tango, then there was an african dance and a couple more performances.  None were salsa.

Then after the performances, Garincha showed us a movie that the studio did.  I was a little perplexed why we were watching a movie, but it became apparent at the end when Garincha explained it all. 

Take the Lead Studio is a place where you can learn many different things, not just salsa.   His studio now specializes in african dance, flute lessons, salsa lessons, and acting (which explains the video).

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