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Some Days

Some Days.


Hi My Name is Guillermo.

I’m new to your website. but I have a question that maybe u can help me with……….. I have been taking salsa classes for maybe about 6 months now. I enjoy going to the clubs and practicing, but there are some nights that I have my groove on and then some nights I just can’t get it going. Why is that?

Also there are some ladies that yes are more experienced than me but I’m intimidated by them. I don’t want to look like a fool. I don’t want her to look like one to because of me. Can u help me out here?

Thank you


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Feb 06, 2009 Guillermo Salsa Dilemma

by: Salsero

All Salseros and salseras go through what you are going through. Different dancing levels but same problem.

I am glad that you are not looking for excuses and blaming the ladies. I will have two years salsa dancing in few months and would like to be a settle advance dancer.

Dancing with advance and instructor ladies is a big challenge to me. I don’t want to be boring to them on the dance floor or have a poor lead cause the music is so fast and everything so emphatic.

If the song is one that I like a lot I get lost in the music and lose my bit. If she is a stylish beauty and hot on the dance floor the situation gets worse. So your problem is every salsero’s problem.

My suggestion is take advantage of the free class when you go to clubs. It will help you warm up to the dance floor. Dance with the ladies you meet during the free class and your studio first. Then dance with few ladies you don’t know.

Take it easy cause ladies prefer a safe boring dance to moves from a wannabe expert tripping on my toes and elbowing me. Practice salsa with a willing salsera or take private classes with a beginner-intermediate lady instructor (so you don’t break your pocket).

A leap of faith is sometimes all we need. Last but not least, know where you came from and do some community service by dancing with at least two ladies below your level each night out. I have started mixing with the big girls this week. A leap of faith is all we need. Yes We Can. Hope this comment helps. So Addicted.

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