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Sevilla Salsa Club Review – Cafe Sevilla Long Beach, CA, 90802

Sevilla Salsa Club Review

I recently visited Sevilla Salsa Club in Long Beach, CA on Sunday October 5th, 2008. It wasn’t that easy to find all the information for Sevilla in Long Beach. I e-mailed a few people and got no response to simple questions about dress code, guest lists, etc.. (boo to you, you know who you are). You’d probably be better off calling Sevilla to get information. Lucky for you, I did all the leg work and I have it all right here, from parking to walking in through the door.



Sevilla Parking

Parking at Sevilla Long Beach CaliforniaParking Map for Sevilla Long Beach CA
(Map and street view from Google Maps maps.google.com)

George's Greek Cafe across from Sevilla Salsa ClubThe easiest place to park is on 100 W Broadway. Its right behind the Greek Restaurant.

It’s actually located on the corner of W 1st street and Pacific Ave. It’s the big garage building, not to be confused with the parking lot next to it. Parking is supposed to be around $5 or $6 with validation, but I’m not sure if this is true. I left Sevilla that night around 11 pm and found the security booth abandoned and the gate up, so I didn’t have a chance to pay.


Making your way to Sevilla Salsa Club

Sevilla Salsa Club Long Beach CaliforniaAs you get out of the parking lot, you can walk alongside the Greek restaurant to get from Pacific Ave to Pine Ave. Be sure to visit the hostess at the front to have your parking ticket validated.

The entrance to the Sevilla Salsa Club is to the left of the Sevilla restaurant. It even says CLUB. There will probably be two guys at the front waiting to take your money ($5 for Sundays). They’ll give you a ticket to show that you paid and will also stamp your hand.

The Dance Floor

The salsa dancing is on the second floor and is a fairly good size for the all the dancers.

Sevilla Dance FloorAs you walk in, you’ll see the bar on your left, dance the floor straight ahead and a stage on the left of the dance floor. Bathrooms are also straight ahead behind the chain curtain.

Seating is plentiful, with C-shaped seating along the walls and little cube seats sprinkled around the edges of the dance floor. You’ll have plenty of space to keep your shoe bags. Just make sure to watch the floor at the C-shaped seats. Some of them are very sticky, probably because of spilled beer from past club events. A shoe brush will be a lifesaver for those with dance shoes.

Be prepared to spend a grip on water. It was $5 for a bottle of water. One would expect to pay $3 and perhaps give a dollar tip. You would think that the water was made of gold. The profits go to supporting the sevilla salsa club, so all is good. We all need to do our part to support the clubs or else we wouldn’t have a place to dance.

.. And then there’s the dancing

You can come and dress casual. It’s not at all dress to impress. Most guys wore button down shirts but a few showed up in T-shirts. Some women wore salsa dresses and others wore jeans and a top. About half of the salsa dancers wore regular dress shoes, while I wore shoes from Gabellini.net and other wore standard salsa dance shoes.

As with all Sunday salsa club events, some of the better dancers tend to come out a little bit later. The crowd was pretty good for a Sunday. I’d say about 50-60 people at the beginning of the night and as time went on it thinned out. There were about 30 people by 10:30 pm and 10 by 11 pm.

The air conditioning is sufficient so you won’t feel overly hot, but then again, it was October. I’m not sure how it is during summer.

The approximate level of dancing is 20% beginners, 50% IntermeTony Cordero - Salsa Instructordiate, 10% intermediate-advanced and 10% advanced.  Everyone is pleasant to dance with ! You’ll be able to make your way around the room and dance with everyone by the end of the night.

The sound system will keep you close to and feeling the music.  You’ll love the music of DJ Ricky El Gazador.  Music followed the usual 80% salsa, and the rest merengue, cha cha cha and bachata.

Salsa lesson – Tony does a fabulous job !

The free lesson was taught by Tony Cordero (known better as Tony Cee). You won’t be bored by a beginner lesson, no way! Tony does a fabulous job of teaching the lesson. The salsa lesson starts with a warm up routine.  Then you’ll get down to business with a basic move, intermediate move, and you’ll work your way through an advanced move. Tony worked in a little bit of something for all levels. Bravo!   As with all lessons, the format may vary, so expect the unexpected when you dance at the Sevilla Salsa Club.

Overall you’ll have a fun time at Sevilla!  There is plenty of space to dance, a good sound system, salsa music by DJ Ricky, and of course friendly local salsa dancers.

I give the Sevilla Salsa Club in Long Beach two thumbs up!


Sevilla Salsa Club – http://www.sevillanightclub.com/dev/index.php?club=long_beach
140 Pine Street
Long Beach, CA 90802

Sevilla Salsa Club Article

Written by:
Arren Asuncion
Ocober 5, 2008

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