Savoy, Pennsauken NJ – Latin Night

Savoy Pennsuaken NJ

It looks like the dress code has gotten more relaxed. I saw guys going in just wearing t-shirts. It used to be that you had to wear a shirt with a collar.

The interior looks like it had another upgrade.  It looked better than I remembered it. Perhaps it was the black curtain that divided the Latin section from the Hip Hop side.  At least I am assuming it was hip hop.  I saw light coming from the other side of the curtain, but I didn’t really hear any music.
Savoy FloorThere are actually two dance floors for Latin Dancing  at Savoy. The floor in the middle is round and is made of marble?  Or some other type of material.  
 A couple years ago, that floor used to be very sticky and hard to turn, even with dance shoes.   But tonight was different.  It was actually a floor that was easy to dance on.  Its becomes a little difficult to dance as many people like to dance on this circular floor. 
To the right of that floor is a more traditional parque (sp?) wooden dance floor.  That used to be sticky too, but its  not a problem anymore.  
It used to be hit or miss… But there was a good crowd tonight despite the holiday weekend. I guess either lots of people stayed home or came home Friday.   In any case, there were a ton of people to dance with.    I was surprised at all the new people I saw.  They actually outnumbered the people I am used to seeing.
Overall, I actually had a good time.  I would have stayed longer, but 12:45 am came around very fast and I had to drive my friend back to collingswood.

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