Salsambo Performance Videos

The last Salsambo on Friday was a big hit!  As promised, here are the videos of the performances that night.   For in depth reviews of this event, read Salsambo Winter Showcase in Review by Allan Tabilas from Nuevotec Productions and Salsambo impresses large crowd by Wil Shamlin from the Courier Post.

The first performance was George and Sylvia. They made their debut performance they will perform at the Estilo’s Showcase in the coming months.  We wanted to keep the suspense, so this video will be posted after Estilo Showcase.

The second salsa dance was performed by the Canaries choreographed by Victor Colon and Andrea Garrick.  

Here is Joe Figueroa’s students from Living in Rhythm

The Salsa Con Cache group performs. These performers represent the students from Drexel University

Nelson and Alyssa perform their salsa routine

The last performance of the night was by Fuzion Creativa – George Dennis, Jenn Corea, Victor Colon and Andrea Garrick.

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