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Salsa Styling Group from the Atrium Dance Studio

Salsa Styling Group 2007


Salsa Styling Mike and Women
The salsa styling group represents another important aspect of salsa dancing – Latin body movement and styling.

The Atrium Dance Studio offers two classes during the week. One on Thursday and another on Saturday dedicated to just this.

Its not what you think. This class works on isolating each and every single part of your body. It almost like walking, chewing gum, patting your head, and rubbing your belly all at the same time!

Its a pretty intense class. The first time I went to class I hurt muscles that I knew I never had. I was sore the next day. You need to be flexible to do all of the styling movements, so you may want to incorporate some stretching classes such as yoga.
Here are the members of the styling group.

Salsa Styling Men and Women

Front row: (from left to right)
Sandy, Katherine, and Jen
Back row: (from left to right)
Brett, Chris, Millie, Alex, Leilani, Mike, Jeanette, and Chantelle.
George (Not Pictured)

View the performance below:


Here’s a video of the performance from the front. This video is courtesy of the Atrium Dance Studio.

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