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Salsa Styles History

Salsa Styles History

by Alex



Hi there

I was looking through the net for my question, but I couldn’t find exact answer.
the question is: what is the chronological order of salsa styles ?

I’m looking for exact year dates.
Casino – 1957 ???
Puerto Rican Style ?? — I found no information
Palladium — 1945 – 61 ???
Salsa Calena – 1959 ??
Eddie Torres — 1983 ??
Salsa LA 1997 – I talked to Johny V.

So ???

Thanks for answering

Alex Piecha


Comments for Salsa Styles History

Mar 29, 2011 Some resources that could help

by: SalseroRuiz

Hey there,
I am not sure if you ever found the answer to your question (if you did please let me know I would love to know).
I have a few suggestions for you.

1. Try to find or attend Albert Torres’s lecture on the History of Salsa. He tends to do it at almost all the congresses he is at.
2. Check out this PBS documentary, parts 1&2 cover salsa and what was before. http://video.pbs.org/program/1253189365/
3. Let me know what you find or if this helps. Here is my blog.

Best of luck

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