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Salsa Moves Cure Post Break-up Blues

Salsa Moves Cure Post Break-up Blues

A few hours of salsa moves can be a perfect remedy for post break-up blues, right? Yeah, that's what my best friend Angel was trying to convince me as I paced to-and-from the kitchen in my sweatpants. After my last breakup, I was the one who planned


the girls-night-out in celebration of my freedom. I had made a Facebook event announcing my new singles status and inviting guys that I had an eye on for the past couple of weeks. I had said yes to every guy that asked me to dance that night just because I didn't have to worry about being with any of them for more than a song.

But this break-up was different. The mere thought of meeting new guys made me want to crawl up in a ball. I didn't want to basic step my way out of this one. Besides, one of the things him and I loved was salsa dancing. I had explained Angel all of this, but she was still begging me to go with her and dance some salsa moves.

"Ah, I just don't feel like it. I'm so tired."

Salsa Moves Cure Post Break-up Blues

"You'll feel better once we get out of this house. C'mon let's get ready," she said pulling my arm.

"Can't we just watch a movie or something?" I said following her into my room.

"What? Like the Break-Up or something? Do you really want to sit here and cry your eyes out all night? Here, wear this."She handed me a racer back, curve hugging black dress—one of my favorite salsa dancing dresses.

The truth was all I felt like doing was crying all night. I couldn't believe how pushy she was being anyways. Usually, I was the one making the demands to go the salsa club. What was she up to? I took another look at her, and noticed that her makeup was done with some extra care. She was wearing a tighter dress than usual. She had her pink pumps on. Oh, I knew what those pink pumps meant. Pink pumps meant she was on the prowl.

"Wait-a-minute here. Why do you want to go out so bad?"

"I just feel like going out," she said while wrapping my hair around a curling iron.

"Mmm hum."


"You got your pink pumps on." I said looking up at her.

"What? I wear these all the time."

"No. Those only come out when you are on to something or someone…who is it and why haven't you told me?"

My suspicions turned out to be true. Angel had her eye on someone and he had his on her, and I was watching them dance to Celia Cruz as I felt myself slipping further into a self pitying black hole. Why do my single friends always seem to find a new love the minute I breakup with mine? I watched her seduce him with a few Suzie-Qs, side steps, and her arm-sliding-down, down, and down. He grabbed both of her hands and spun her around. They look great together, and their salsa moves complemented each other well. I rested my chin in my hands.

"You look like you need a dance."

I looked up and noticed his eyes right away. They were warm and dark; his smile lifted me right to my feet.

"I do, don't I?" I said holding out my hand.

He led me to the floor. I could tell by the way he walked that he was confident, which excited me. Nothing is sexier in a man than confidence. I only hoped that he wasn't overly confident in a vain way like he was only interested in dancing because he looked good and he knew it. It's always exciting guessing how someone will dance.

We started on-1 with a few basic steps. Just when I was wondering if that's all he had in his book of salsa moves, he led me into a cross body lead. After our feet synced in rhythm with each other, he led me into a right turn, then left. He held my hand firmly with care. I felt his hand push below my shoulder blades just with enough force to know that he wanted to see me do an inside turn. The music ran through my fingertips as I twirled around the night turned with me. It felt good to just dance. Heck, it felt good to know that I could feel good again even if it was just for the moment, and that was enough proof for me. It was decided, I'm going to dance my way out of this rut.

November 28, 2011

Salsa Moves Cure Post Break-up Blues Written by Anonymous Salsera

Copyright 2011 Anonymous Salsera

Published with permission from Anonymous Salsera

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