Salsa Halloween

I always look forward to the Atrium Dance Studio’s annual Halloween Latin Dance.  Just about every dresses up in a Halloween costume, and if you happen to be one of those people who don’t show up in costume, you’ll feel like the odd one out.

Its always a blast to see what people show up as..   It’s a little tougher choosing a Halloween costume especially for a salsa party.  There are several things you want to think about like …..

Do you really want to wear a mask?  It is difficult to dance in a mask, you’ll get all sweaty and then you have to remove the darn thing if you want to eat or drink..
Do you want to wear something with a cape? Or something with a jacket?  Again, think hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.
So really, if you want to be comfortable and still want to eat and dance, you’ll have to show up with a costume that doesn’t cover your face.. You probably don’t want anything with huge hair or a big hat..

Here are some costumes that may fit into this category:  Indian, Pirate, Scarecrow,  Doctor, Nerd, Fireman, Movie characters, and the list can go on and on.

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