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Salsa Dancing Shoes As An Extension of Yourself

Salsa dancing shoes

You’ve always wanted to buy salsa dancing shoes, but never gotten around to it. So what’s stopping you?

Do you wear dress shoes when you play basketball?

Like a football, basketball, or baseball player, you need the right type of shoe for the sport.


If you wear the wrong shoes, you still might be able to perform, but certainly not at your best.

If you are a beginner dancer and you don't want to get dance shoes right away,  shoes without a rubber sole will do just fine for now.

However, if you’ve been dancing for a while and know that you’ll be dancing for a long time, it's a good idea to invest in dance shoes.

You see, I was in your position before. I procrastinated and waited before I decided to buy shoes.

Eventually, I went to Evelyn’s store in Bensalem, PA to look for shoes. I chose to buy my shoes there on a recommendation by a friend. I was told that Evelyn will take the utmost care of you.

She has a little shoe shop and all of the shoes are priced just right.

Here are the salsa dancing shoes that I bought.

Even though I’ve been dancing for almost 6 years, I’ve never bought salsa shoes.

Salsa dancing shoes - Front

At first glance, it may look like an ordinary shoe, but take a closer look.

Salsa Shoe Side

Notice the heel and sole. The sole is very thin and the actual body of the shoe is made of soft leather.

Salsa Shoe Sole

When you look at the bottom of the sole, you can see that its definitely not an ordinary shoe. The whole sole is covered with suede.

The soft suede will allow you to spin freely and effortlessly, and the thin sole will allow you to have a better connection with the floor.

Shoe accessories

Since the bottom of the salsa dancing shoes are suede, it will collect a lot of dirt.

If you buy these shoes, you’ll need to buy a Suede Sole Shoe Brush to clean them off after each dance session.

Wire Shoe Brush

This particular brush reminds me of a doggy brush, but the bristles are much thicker and closer.

There was another one that I could’ve bought. That one reminded me of a BBQ grill wire brush, but a much much smaller version of it.

I suppose you could buy a BBQ brush, but why would you want to wield such a beast?

Shoe Bag

Salsa Shoe Bag

Another thing you might consider is a salsa dancing shoe bag. This bag is big enough to hold two pairs of shoes. When you are going to an unfamiliar place, its a good idea to bring two pairs of shoes.

If the floor is rough like cement, you may want to use your dance sneakers. Rough concrete will ruin your salsa dancing shoes.

If the floor is smooth, your salsa dance shoes would be the best bet!

Shoe fit and break-in

Your shoe should be snug and should gently hug your feet. You don’t want to get anything too loose because the shoe needs to conform to your feet.

Since the leather is subtle, it will conform to every curve and will eventually feel like an extension of yourself.

The break-in period may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but as they mold to your feet the shoes will feel great!

Remember these are dance shoes not walking shoes

Take care not to walk around on the street with your dance shoes or you’ll ruin the suede bottom. Also, try not to step in any liquids or puddles.

Where to Buy Salsa Dancing Shoes

The first place I would recommend is Exotic Salsa Shoes.

Check out their salsa shoes by clicking the banner below!

Large Banner

Here are some shoes that you might want to buy as your salsa dancing shoes.

This is a similar shoe to the one I bought. Its a men’s Black Leather shoe with a 1 inch heel and suede sole !

Sometimes you don’t want to wear your suede bottom shoes because you are dancing on a rough or dirty surface. The answer? Dance sneakers (or dansneakers). Here’s a cool split sole Dance Sneaker for you. These dance sneakers are unisex – for men and women.

And of course, I can’t forget the women. Here are a couple ballroom dance shoes that you can use as your salsa dancing shoes.

Here’s a Leopard print dance shoe


A Beige Brown Leather shoe

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