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Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal Entry 07-08-21

Salsa Dancing Journal
August 21, 2007

Dancing at Keysters

Keysters Sign

I am in Iowa right now because my friend Misty is getting married. I decided to seek out some salsa clubs in the neighborhood and found Keysters! I was going to bring my camera, but I forgot it! So all I had was Misty’s iPhone. I took a picture of the sign and a blurry picture of inside. Sorry !

Ruben and Dawn from SalsaIowa.com

Ruben Zamudio III and Dawn Downing of Salsa Iowa

Keysters is a small bar with a medium dance floor. The free lesson was supposed to start at 8:30 pm, but no one was there until about 9 pm. So the lesson started a little bit late, but it turned out to be a good Merengue lesson by Ruben Zamudio III. He is from the salsa site Salsa Iowa (http://www.salsaiowa.com).

His webmaster is Dawn Downing. I actually ended up dancing with Dawn a couple times. She is a great dancer. So if you happen to be in Iowa. Come dance with Dawn. All the salseros were very friendly and their skill level mostly ranged from beginner to intermediate level. Some were intermediate/advanced dancers.

It was refreshing to dancing with all new faces, especially from a different state with people who are not familiar with my style and moves. When the women followed the complicated crazy moves, it was the best feeling. You know you have a good connection and you are actually doing a good job of leading and you can just let go and dance.

Inside Keysters

I made my way around the room and danced with almost all the women. They all seemed to enjoy dancing with me because my style was so different.

Overall, Keysters was a great place to dance and have fun. I feel like if I lived here I would be friends with many of the salseros.

If I’m ever in Iowa again, I will be sure to stop by Keysters!

Update 11/23/2011. Keysters is no longer having Latin nights.

Please check Salsa Clubs in Iowa for more information about Latin dancing in Iowa.

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