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Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal Entry 07-05-03

Salsa Dancing Journal
May 03, 2007

Well. I have two announcements to make.

Rock Lobster Closed to Salsa Nights

Rock Lobster has decided to end Sunday Latin nights! They have been having salsa nights ever since I started dancing and perhaps even before then.

I just had one complaint about their way of doing business though. There was no cover charge if you come before 8:30 pm, but that time was always changing. (Well that’s beside the point).

Anyway, there was one time when I was running a little bit late and I came running down the street.. It was 8:29 pm and when I got to the entrance, it just turned 8:30 pm. What do you think happened next?

Flip the sign up!

Yes, they flipped up the sign and asked for a cover charge. Ok.. So I was late, but comon’ give me a break..

Not once but twice

And then there was another time.. It was 8:28 pm and they started to ask for a cover charge early?!

I’m all for supporting them, but have some compassion!

Its sad to hear that they aren’t having the salsa nights there anymore. I’ve had good times there

Stardust Ballroom Closing

Well, they shut down once before only to come back in full strength.

For those of you that don’t know, the Stardust Ballroom is located in Pennsauken, NJ in the Pennsauken Mart area. That area closed up and the Stardust Ballrooom was essentially the last building standing.

The Pennsauken Mart was slated years ago to be bought out, knocked down and the land to be used for something else.

The Stardust Ballroom announced that they were going to be closed forever and then came back. I thought they would be around forever, but I think this is really it.

The last salsa dance at the Stardust will be May 26, 2007 with a cover price of $20.

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