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Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal Entry 07-02-03

Salsa Dancing Journal
February 03, 2007

This was a fantastic evening. It was the Atrium Dance Studio’s 6th Latin Anniversary dance with 11 performances !

Intermediate Salsa Performance Group 2

1. Barbara’s Intermediate Performance Group
2. George’s Intermediate Performance Group
3. Belly Dancing with Urella(sp?) (I think that’s her name) and Lauren
4. Barbara’s Advanced Performance Group
5. The Hip Hop Group
6. La Luna’s Performance Group
7. Barbara’s Cha-Cha Performance Group (Or as Angel says “Cha-cha-cha” group)
8. Pizzazz Ladies Performance Group from New York
9. Xibicion Santo Rico Performance Group from New York
10. Pizzazz Performance Group from New York
11. Belly Dancing with Valerie

Intermediate Performance Does It Again

We changed things up a little bit and slightly changed our outfits. The women lost the gold pants and black top and wore teal dresses. The men lost the gold ties and wore black shirts and a multi colored blue and purple tie.

Intermediate Salsa Performance Group

Stupid me. I showed up in a white shirt that night ! Thankfully, John was still home and was kind enough to bring an extra shirt for me.

Speaking of ties..

Missing Tie

Missing my salsa performance tie

Millie was nice enough to buy the ties for the guys and hand them out to us. I got mine the night of the performance and set it down. Low and behold, 20 minutes before we were supposed to perform, I couldn’t find the tie! I looked at least 5 times around my table.

I felt like a dofus because I didn’t bring my own black shirt and now I lost the tie ?! Well, I actually found the tie, 5 minutes before we were supposed to line up. Guess where I found it ? At Brett’s table. I walked over there at the beginning of the night and must’ve set the tie down, got distracted and then walked away.

We performed first, and we did great !This was a better salsa performance than the Christmas performance. No big mistakes!And I actually remembered the whole performance this time.

Now we have to do this performance another 4 times…

Advanced Performance on a diet!

As you recall from the Christmas salsa dancing journal entry, I was a little displeased about the whole Advanced group.

The whole group fell apart and we were left with 3 dance couples! This started with 8!The group members were Brett and Arren, Connie and Herman, and Rob and Devon.

Advanced Salsa Performance Group

This time we had only 2 weeks to prepare for the Anniversary party. But we actually got it together, worked really really hard and practiced almost every day.

Unfortunately, Connie and Herman couldn’t make most of the practices, but they did very well for the performance day.

See the fruits of our labor and check out the Advance Performance group in the Performance Group section of this website.

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