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Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal Entry 06-12-25

Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal


Salsa Dancing Journal

December 25, 2006

2:00 pm

Its Christmas Day ! And I actually have some free time to reflect on some of the salsa experiences from the last two months.

Its been a while since I’ve written because of the tree falling on my car. That link will bring you to the Salsa Dancing Journal entry. It took many long weekends to finally take it and cut it apart. But I finally finished it in October.

Since then I’ve been salsa dancing the nights away.

In October, Barbara Capaldi announced that she was going to have an Intermediate Salsa performance group and her first ever Advanced Salsa performance group for the Christmas Latin Party on December 16th.

Naturally, I decided to do both. So from the end of October our groups had about 6 weeks to prepare!

I have never, danced salsa for so long. Because I was in two groups, I had to practice salsa almost every day. And in between, go to the social dances

Intermediate was a blast!

Here are the members of the group.

Pictured from left to right are Chris & Millie, Katherine & Angel, Arren (me) & Leilani, Patty, Barbara Capaldi, & Jose, and John and Janice.

Intermediate Salsa Performance Group 2006

Not pictured: Steve and Gayle

We’ll come to Steve and Gayle in a bit..

We all worked very hard to dance this routine. We were a group of dedicated and committed individuals.

Week after week, we gathered together downstairs in my house to rehearse and help each other out.

There were two people who were unable to dance in our performance though. They were Steve and Gayle.

I have to give props to Steve for all the effort he gave to learn the routine. He spent countless extra hours trying to learn the routine. We all gave him “private lessons”. We were all rooting for him to make it to the performance, but in the end, he graciously decided to step down.

Be sure to check out the intermediate performance group page to see the performance.

The advance group didn’t get it together

Unfortunately, the advanced salsa performance group was not as tight. And it showed in the performances.

It was extremely frustrating for me to be in this group because we always had trouble getting everyone together to practice. Out of the whole 6 weeks, I maybe had practiced 3 times with my own dance partner! This amounted to about 1.5 hours of practice at the most! While in the Intermediate performance group, I probably got to practice with my dance partner at least 10 times of 2 hour sessions.

Can you see a little bit of my frustration ?

We also had a neck drop in the routine and that was the move I needed the most work on. I didn’t get to practice it much with my own dance partner, but thankfully in the end, we were able to do it.

Even though we weren’t able to get together, we still worked hard, but sadly we really didn’t function like a real team and it showed in the performance.

This about sums up this salsa dancing journal entry

In the end, the Intermediate Salsa performance group was more tight and moved as a group than compared to the Advanced Salsa performance group. I was so sick of dancing salsa, was literally getting sick and I had to take one week off.

It was difficult, but I managed not to dance salsa for an entire week! Can you believe it?

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