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Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal Entry 06-07-10

Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal

Salsa Dancing Journal
July 10, 2006
10:00 pm

Yesterday I actually ended up going to the 2006 Hispanic Festival at the Penns Landing Pier in Philadelphia, PA. I went with Davina and Jean.

Davina and Jean

Davina was kind enough to drive us into Philly.

It was not hard to find a place or find parking. We were able to find a lot that charged $12 for the day. When we got close to the pier we got harrassed by some lady trying to hand out fliers telling us that no one should have pre-marital sex because you can get aids. She kind of ventured towards Jean.. So thanks Jean for blocking us from the crazy lady !

The festival area was a little smaller than I expected. As we walked in there were a couple of guys at the door checking all the bags, so that made us feel a little more safe. To the left were all the Latin Cuisine stands. They had BBQ, rice and beans, pork, pastalillas, tamalis, smoothies, imported popsicles, and a whole lot more.

To the right they had a small booth that was selling Latin music and some miscellaneous items, but nothing to write home about.

Walking straight brought us to the stage where they had live music. The first group we saw played Latin music but I’m not sure what kind it was. The next group actually played salsa.

I don’t think they were famous or anything because I didn’t recognize any of their songs. People actually started dancing salsa in front of the stage. I had to drag out Davina for a dance and had to nudge Jean a little, but we all did a little dancing.

The bouncer was a good guy. You can see him staring down the people standing up next to the stage.

Hispanic Festival Crowd

He’s on the ball. You see him here? He’s saying .. “Sit down! Because the people behind you can’t see!!”

Hispanic Festival Bouncer

After watching the salsa for about half an hour we got a little hungry and ate some rice and beans, pork, and pastalillas. Jean also had one of those imported popsicles.

We were pretty much done with the place after eating so we headed out to Rock Lobster.

I saw Billie, Kathleen, Bracey, Rick, Rob, Cathy Bartch, and her friend. I was having fun just hanging out talking with all of them until .. I got paged! Uh.. huh. remember I was on call. I spent 20 minutes on the phone and even though I didn’t have to go home and work, it still killed the mood.

I missed my friend Brett last night. She was supposed to come too, but she had a late night at the Stardust the night before. She took a nap and overslept and missed Rock Lobster.

No matter. She didn’t miss very much. The crowd wasn’t overwhelming or huge, but it was very small either. It was still a little crowded on the dance floor and the floor was very sticky and it was very hard to turn.

Ok.. That’s all for my salsa dancing journal for tonight.Tomorrow night is salsa class!

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