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Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal Entry 06-07-09

Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal

Salsa Dancing Journal
July 9, 2006
10:00 am

Last night I went to the Stardust Ballroom again. I asked if I could get into the dance for free. If you recall a couple weeks ago, I went to the Stardust Ballroom during a Salsa Congress night. Hardly anyone showed up that night and the place was practically empty. So I left the place after 5 minutes and asked for my money back, but they wouldn’t give it to me. So this week I figured I’d give it a shot and see if they’d let me slide.

If the $12 I spent a couple weeks ago was actually worth it, then I wouldn’t be complaining.

Anyhow, I still wanted to dance so I paid my $12. I still had a good time, but was feeling $12 empty.

Today is the Hispanc Fiesta at Penn’s Landing. They’ll have music, dance, arts and crafts, and some Latin American cuisine.

Should be fun, but it would have been better if I wasn’t on-call. I really hope I don’t get paged today because I’ve gotten paged enough this week.

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