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Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal Entry 06-07-02

Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal

Salsa Dancing Journal
July 2, 200611:00 pm

Today was another good day. After church, I asked Brett if she would have lunch with me. We went to the Casona Restaurant in Collingswood, NJ. It was one of the best restaurants I went to. Its a Cuban restaurant and they play Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Raegatton in the background. Brett is the foodie, so I defer to her to tell you about this restaurant. Hopefully she’ll do a write up soon. Just remember, if you are in Collingswood, give Casona a try.

Later that night we decided to go to Rock Lobster, but as we left an extreme thunderstorm came over the area. We decided to turn around and head back to her place and go to Alfie’s later that night.

I parked my car in her back driveway and ran inside the house. As I looked out the window it was hailing. I took notice of the tree that was being blown hard by the wind. I said to Brett, ” Hmm. It would be bad if I tree fell on my car because I just have liability only on the car.” She looked out the window and saw the tree. She said to me “Arren, I really don’t like the look of that tree.”… “Arren, I really don’t like the look of that tree, maybe you should go out and move your car”.. I looked out the window again and I really didn’t like the look of that tree, but I didn’t want to take the risk of going out there. I told Brett, “Well, I’m not going to go out there, that’s the risk I’m just going to have to take”. Not a minue later, we watched the tree get blown hard again, but instead of swaying back to its resting position, it just fell to the side. It missed my back bumper by 1/2 cm and from inside it looked like it may have missed the front.

When the storm subsided, I went outside to survey the damage along with the rest of the neighbors. I asked the guy, “Did it get hit?” And he confirmed it. Yes..it did. Sigh.

To the left is the picture from the morning after. As you can see, the tree crushed the windshield and hood of the car. I always wanted to lower that car, but this isn’t what I had in mind.

So, needless to say, I didn’t feel like going to Alfie’s anymore.

Brett graciously drove me home and left to go to Alifie’s. When I got home I found out that there was a major cable outage and my cable and internet was down. AND to top it off, while I was away my dog had clawed at my bedroom door because she was scared of the thunder. She totally destroyed the bottom of my door and I ended up cleaning up the mess.

The neighbor’s home owner’s insurance will not cover damages to property that is not on the neighbor’s property.

So I am at a total loss. If you feel sympathy for me, I’ll be happy to accept donations for a new car.

Ok.. Signing off on this page of my salsa dancing journal.

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