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Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal Entry 06-06-19

Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal

Salsa Dancing Journal
June 19, 2006

12:00am – Another fabulous night at Rock Lobster. Rock Lobster is a restaurant/club on a pier in Philadelphia, PA. Today was a hot and a little muggy — 90 degrees to be exact. But I was there at Rock Lobster to tough it out. The hot weather is all a part of the experience.

The crowd was not that heavy. The weather must’ve gotten the best of them. Its ok though, because it gave everyone more room to dance.. Even though we all had room, I was still getting stepped on.

Guys and gals. I hope that you all learn to take small steps, especially when you step backwards. When you feel someone on the back of your heel, don’t step down on your heel unless you want to hear a big “ouch!” from your victim.

Its very hard for beginners to take small steps. You have to conciously tell yourself to take smaller steps that you are comfortable. I remember when I was beginning to dance. I did not know that I was taking huge steps until the dance teacher pointed it out. It took a while for me to correct it, but after working at it for a while, it feels natural taking small steps.

It was a nice surprise because there was actually a live band playing music tonight. The music was super loud, but was glorious.

Oh.. One more observation that might help the beginners out.. Especially the guys.. One of the women I know was asked to dance. The band was playing, so they played a super long song.. Maybe 7 minutes.. I think she had one of the worst dances of her life. I was daydreaming, watching the band play, but then I caught her eye and saw the expression on her face. She was bored to death! I would’ve gone in to save her, but there was no way of doing it without being awkward.

So what made her bored out of her mind? And what can you do to avoid the same? Well, the guy that she danced with didn’t even turn her. He did the basic step, but it wasn’t even the right basic step. From what I observed, it looked like he was doing a psuedo merengue.

Guys, if you ask a girl to dance, for the love of God, if you don’t know anything about salsa, learn to do the basic step well.

Women won’t mind as much if you don’t know much salsa. You may only know the basic step, but they’ll still love dancing with you if you know how to do the basic step and do it well.

That’s all I have for tonight for my salsa dancing journal.. Signing out and going to bed. 12:30 am.

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