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Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal Entry 06-06-17

Arren’s Salsa Dancing Journal

Salsa Dancing Journal
June 17, 2006

Tonight’s plan is to go salsa dancing at Rock Lobster in Philadelphia. Its one of my favorite places because its outdoors and not smokey. You can go there and leave smelling a little like sweat and your ears won’t be ringing.. Well, I guess they would ring if you dance next to the speakers all night. There are two big speakers at the stage, and smaller “surround” speakers scattered around the pier.

They also have a live band there every 1st Sunday of the month. I’m looking forward to next month, because I always enjoy a live band. Its one thing to dance to music from a DJ, but you can’t beat a live band.

One other thing that I look forward to is meeting new people. I go there mainly to dance, but meeting a few interesting people all the time is a bonus. Last week I met a girl named Amy from the University of Delaware. She introduced me to a place called Timothy’s in Newark, Delaware. I went there last week and had a blast! I’ll probably go there this week too.

Aside from salsa dancing, I’ve been trying to work on my salsa-dancing webpage on my free time. Its huge task to manage the ever growing number of pages, but in the end its fun. I like to look at the weblogs to see people come to my website.

Its a delight to see that people actually appreciate the work that I put into it and that drives me more to provide more quality content. If you are looking forward to building your own website I would suggest Site Build It It tremendously simplifies building your website with all the tools and features at your disposal to help put your site at the top of the search engines.

I was skeptical at first, but as I worked through their plan of action, I saw that it REALLY works. After all, you found my website out of the billions of pages right?

Update: Whoops! I think I’ve been going out too much. Today is Saturday and its not Rock Lobster night. Tonight I’ll be going to the Atrium Dance Studio for their Salsa Party. The Atrium is my second home, and I love to dance there. Its always a bunch of great people and a fun time! Hopefully my friend Brett can make it out tonight, she has been feeling a little ill lately.

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