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Salsa Dancing Intermediate Performance Group from the Atrium Dance Studio

Salsa Dancing Intermediate Performance Group 2007


The Salsa Dancing Intermediate Performance group did a great job at the Atrium Dance Studio’s Latin dance party on October 6, 2007!

Every year Barbara’s students come together as a performance group to give a sample of what they’ve learned during the year.

Barbara Capaldi choreographs the performance using the routines from the weekly classes. If you are student at the Atrium, you may recognize some of the patterns and salsa styling moves .

Again, the interest in the performance group was so large this year. There were 15 dancers that performed this routine. There were more women than men, so some of the men had to dance with two women.

Salsa Dancers

Here are the members of Barbara’s group (from left to right):

Back Row – Kisha, Donald, Mary – Bill, Diana – Sherri, Christian, Jen

Middle Row – Faith, Rick, Carol – Patrick, Michelle

Front Row – Freddy, Leilani

Salsa Dancing Intermediate Performance Group 2007

Salsa Performance Video

Enjoy watching Barbara’s Intermediate Salsa Performance Group dancing at the Atrium Dance Studio’s Latin Party!


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