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Salsa Dancing Intermediate Performance Group from the Atrium Dance Studio

Salsa Dancing Intermediate Performance Group December 2007


The Salsa Dancing Intermediate Performance group was a little different than from the beginning of this year because there weren’t as many dancers this time around.

That’s not a bad thing because it makes the group easier to manage. You don’t have the problem of getting a zillion people together for rehearsal.

Most of the team made it to all the rehearsals.. But some could not resist skipping a night to see Tito Roja at the Woodbine Inn one night.

All the hard work paid off as you’ll see in the video below.

Salsa Dancers

The dancers for this group were:
Arren & Jean
John & Janice
Christian and Nephertiti (sp?)

We all depended on each other to make it to the performances. If one or more people were missing, we’d have problems with the Casino Rueda in the middle of the routine.

Salsa Performance Video

During the last six weeks the team put in hours of hard work preparing for this routine.

The choreography consisted mostly of the the patterns and styling we use in class.

Enjoy the show !


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