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Salsa Dance Steps… Do you know your moves?

Salsa Dance Steps… Get Back To The Basics

All of the salsa dance steps are composed of the basic steps. It is critical that you learn them well enough that they become automatic.

Here’s an easy way to tell if you know the basic dance steps: While you are dancing with your partner, can you hold a conversation and complete all of the basics steps? If so, you are ready to learn the intermediate steps.

A structured salsa lesson may consist of 6 weeks Basics 1, 6 weeks of Basics 2,and at least 3 months of Intermediate before moving on to advanced salsa steps.

One way to build up and fine tune your skills is to go out to the clubs. It doesn’t matter if you just know a few moves. Women will enjoy dancing with you as long as you do the moves well!

In the following pages, I will guide you through the different hand-holds, counting and timing, and the basic steps.
After you have mastered the basics, you can move on to learn some of the patterns I’ve learned in Intermediate and Advanced class.

Salsa Dance Steps

While you progress, please remember that salsa is not just a bunch of steps and patterns. It is a dance of passion, where you feel and dance to the music. Sure.. rhythm and timing are important, but the real part of the dance comes from within.

Enough small talk. Let’s get started!

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Beginners Salsa Dvd

This Beginners 3 Pack has 6 hours of salsa dancing instruction. Learn all of the basic salsa dance steps and go out dancing by the end of the last DVD.

Secrets of Salsa Dance, Beginners 3 Pack

Animations of salsa footsteps ..

View Animation of Men’s Basic Salsa Step
View Animation of Women’s Basic Salsa Step
View Animation of Combined Basic Salsa Step
View Animation of Back Break Back Step
View Animation of Back Break Left Step
View Animation of Back Break Right Step
View Animation of Forward Break Step

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