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Salsa dance shoes for salsa dancing – salsa shoes

You need salsa dance shoes!

If you don't have a good pair of dance shoes, you are missing out. Salsa shoes are built for the sole purpose of dancing. They have thin suede soles that allow you to be more grounded by having an intimate connection with the floor.


Take sports cars as an example

Sports cars have their own shoes – otherwise known as tires. Sports cars are built to have incredible handling around turns when equipped with race tires. Put a set of touring tires and the car feels like mush around turns.

Salsa dance shoes are your performance tires.

Salsa Dance Shoes

They'll allow you to connect to the ground and spin more easily and effortlessly. Put dress shoes on and your turns will feel mushy as well.

Once you’ve been dancing with salsa dance shoes for a while, try dancing with other shoes. You’ll wonder how you ever danced in other shoes.

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Shoe Fitment

For men, the shoe should be snug and tight fitting. The shoe is made of flexible leather that will mold to your foot. If you get a shoe that it not tight enough, it will forever feel loose.

For women, the shoe should also be snug and tight fitting. Women's shoes are more open and are usually made of strappy material. The front portion can be open or may have a mesh to keep the toes from hanging out. If your toes tend to hang out of the shoe, you may want to consider one with a mesh. There nothing sexy about seeing a women’s pinky toe hanging out of her shoe. Not good at all!

Break In

Men should wear thin dress socks with your shoes. Women don’t have this problem because they don’t wear socks.

Break in is the same with any shoe. I’m not going to sugar coat it. The first time you wear your salsa dance shoes, it will hurt like a nutcracker cracking nuts. At this stage, the leather is starting to stretch and mold to your foot. You need to wear them at least 3 or more dance sessions to allow them to break in.

After this point, the pain should subside and the shoes should feel like a part of your foot. If you feel like its not stretched out enough, try wearing thicker socks one time. It’ll stretch the shoe even more. Use this at your own risk because if you wear too thick a sock, your shoe could end up feeling too loose.

Couple of warnings

As always, to avoid injury, it’s a good idea to see a doctor before using salsa dance shoes. The shoes are built to be flexible and will not provide enough support for people will flat feet.

If you start to experience pain in one or both feet, see your podiatrist. The doctor may recommend that you use custom orthodics made from a cast of your feet.

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