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Salsa Dance Shoe – Finding your salsa dancing shoe and accessories

Salsa Dance Shoe and Accessories

Arren Wearing Gabellini Dance Shoes

The right salsa dance shoe can be hard to find and confusing at first. It's not like buying a sneaker or an ordinary dress shoe because it must fit perfectly. If the shoe is too big, your foot could slide around or the shoe may come off while you dance. If the shoe is too small, your toes will be too squashed and the shoe will be too uncomfortable to wear.

Women's Salsa Dance Shoe Fitment

When you try on shoes, you need to look for a shoes that are snug when you first try them on. Your toes should not be hanging out and the straps should hold the shoe snugly to your foot the whole time. For some women, the pinky toe will hang out of the shoe when you step down.  If you don't want your toe touching the floor, look for a salsa dance shoe with a mesh like the one shown below.

Black salsa dance shoe with mesh

Black Leather &

Black Mesh shoe

from e.K. Clothing

If you don't get a shoe that is snug when new, you may find out later that the shoe will stretch and it will be too big. This is especially true for a women's salsa dance shoe.

Men's Salsa Dancing Shoe Fitment

The same thing holds true for men's shoes. When you try on shoes, look for shoes that are snug when you first try them on. When you try dance shoes it is critical to wear socks that you will normally wear with the shoes.  Some of your toes should touch the front of the shoe and your foot should be hugged by the rest of the shoe. Your toes should only be slightly bent from the natural position and should not feel overly uncomfortable when you stand up and put pressure on the balls of your feet.  Also, you should not be able to stick any fingers behind your heel. This is an indication that the shoe is too big.

Why buy dance shoes in the first place?

Salsa dance shoes are special because unlike sneakers, dance shoes have suede soles that allow you to spin more freely. This free motion prevents your joints from twisting keeping you free from injury.

Salsa dance shoe, accessories and clothing

Ready to Buy Shoes?

We recommend e.K. Clothing and Exotic Salsa Shoes for all your salsa dance shoe needs. Both online stores have a wide selection of shoes available for women, men, girls, and boys.

e.K. Clothing – Salsa Shoes and Platform Dance Shoes

e.K. Clothing Salsa Dance Shoe

I personally met with Nicole, the owner. She is very pleasant to deal with and is focused in providing the best customer service you expect. e.K. Clothing now has something for everyone, women, men, girls, and boys.  Women have the extra option of ordering customized dance shoes and dance boots!

Alternatively, e.K. Clothing also sells Platform Dance Shoes.  Read about Platform Dance Shoes.



Exotic Salsa Shoes

If you are looking for exotic looking men’s and women’s shoes. Read our Exotic Salsa Shoes Website Review to find out why they are the place for you to buy your next set of salsa shoes.

Exotic Salsa Shoes sells great reasonably low priced ballroom and Latin dance shoes.  They have many styles and the sizes you need and look for.

Gabellini Dance Shoes

 Gabellini Dance Shoes are unique dance shoes that you haven’t seen anywhere else. We tried out a pair and they quickly became our favorite. If you want to wear a comfortable, classic, sexy and stylish salsa dance shoe, try Gabellini.

Read about the Gabellini dance shoes.

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