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Need A Salsa Dance Partner for Salsa Dancing?

Do I Need A Salsa Dance Partner ?

The answer is no! Absolutely not. You don’t need a salsa dance partner.


Let’s face it.

Most of us are social dancers. We are just people who love salsa dancing and the music. As a salsa baby, you don’t need a salsa dancing partner. Everyone in your salsa world is your dancing partner.

Let’s rotate.

When you start taking salsa group lessons, you can just show up. There are usually the same amount of women to men, but if there isn’t, it doesn’t matter much. Group lessons are wonderful because you’ll get to rotate your dance partners every minute or two.

Salsa Dance Partner

If you happen to show up with a partner, chances are you’ll only be dancing with them for a moment.

Or not…

If you have a dancing partner, you can choose not to be in the rotation, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Here's why…

Some people learn faster than others. Whether you’re a guy or a gal, you’ll benefit from rotating partners. Believe it or not, you’ll learn much quicker this way, and then you can go practice with your partner after class.

Rotating partners will benefit the women because not all of the men will know how to lead the move. When you finally get a good lead, you’ll know. It’ll just feel right.

Men will benefit because some women do not follow properly even if you lead the move well. It will benefit you to rotate because you won’t be stuck with a lousy partner for the whole class.

At this stage, its important that you don’t try and correct the moves of your partner. You don’t really know what you’re doing at this stage even though you think you do. If your partner is having problems, its best to ask the dance instructor to show you how to do it right. It will be harder to break bad habits down the line.

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