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Take a salsa dance lesson with one of these fine instuctors

A salsa dance lesson with one of these instructors will help you hone in your salsa dancing skills. You can choose to take private or group dance lessons. If you are a quick learner, private salsa lessons may be the best way to go. You will receive one on one instruction and you can progress very quickly to the next level. They are crucial if you want to progress to a professional level in the least amount of time.


Group salsa dance lessons are ideal for a casual salsa dancer. They are very affordable. A typical class costs between $12 to $15. Partners are switched frequently which allow you to learn to dance with different people of varying dance abilities. It also prevents you from getting stuck with one person who may be having trouble.  Group lessons usually have a large number of people, so sometimes individual attention may suffer. So remember to speak up and ask questions if you have one.

After your salsa dance lesson, be sure you go out salsa dancing at a Salsa Club so you can practice your new skills!

United States


Long Beach Salsa Club – http://www.longbeachsalsaclub.com

Tony Cee - salsa dance lessonIndependent Dance instructor: Tony Cee (Tony Cordero)

Locations: Long Beach, CA

Private Lessons,

Semi Private, and Private Group Classes,

and more..


Comments: At each salsa dance lesson, Tony Cee tries to give students something different than other teachers provide. He has always thought that it is important to have good technique when you are dancing. It is important to Tony to teach people how to transition from one move to the next even when it is a very basic class. To him, that is what makes dancing beautiful; the general flow from one move to the other as if you are telling a story when you are dancing.

Read the biography of Tony Cee

Esteban Conde – http://www.estebanconde.com

Esteban CondeProfessional Dance Instructor/Choreographer/Performer:
Esteban Conde


Group Lessons: South Coast Dancesport

23461 Ridge Route Drive Suite D

Laguna Hills, CA
Comments: If you are looking for dance classes in Laguna Hills, here is where you’ll find the right instruction. Whether you want your dance lessons in a group or private format, you are guaranteed to learn, have fun and have a great time! Learn the techniques that will help you become a great dancer!


Chicago Dance – http://www.chicagodance.org/

Chicago Dance is a full service dance facility for adults and kids with two locations in Chicago, offering traditional and contemporary Latin, salsa, swing, tango, ballroom and other social dances as well as training in other types of dance such as jazz, ballet and hip hop or dance fitness.

New Jersey

Atrium Dance Studio – http://www.atriumdance.com

Barbara Capaldi - Owner of Atrium Dance StudioDance instructor/owner: Barbara Capaldi

Location: Pennsauken, NJ

Comments: This is the studio where I “grew up” in salsa. Barbara is one of the best salsa dance instructors in the tri-state-region. She has been a dance instructor since 1987 and finally opened her dance studio in 2001. Salsa is her life. She lives and breaths salsa. If you want to take a salsa dance lesson and see a salsera with salsa passion, think Barbara.

New York

Santo Rico Dance School Inc. – http://www.santorico.com

Thomas Guerrero Director/PresidentDirector/President: F. Thomas Guerrero

Location: New York, NY

Comments: Santo Rico Dance School is the place to be if you want to learn the latest, most innovative dance styles in the Big Apple. With the school’s dynamic combination of professional teachers and distinctive styles, you will move like never before.


Learn Online with Salsa Boot Camp

Art In Motion Latin Dancers – http://www.phillyaimdancers.com

Darlin Garcia - Salsa Dance LessonFounder/Artistic Director: Darlin Garcia

Location: Art In Motion Latin Dancers

1219 Vine Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Telephone: 856-495-8312

Comments: Darlin Garcia is an exceptional dance instructor! His classes are challenging, fun and fast paced. Special attention is given to all his students to make sure that the proper form, technique and styling are learned. I highly recommend this studio for a salsa dance lesson. Classes are taught on the 2nd floor of the Asian Arts Initiative Building by Darlin, Liz Becerra, Eric Datis, Irina Pistolet, and Lauren Lopez.

Estilo Dance Studio – http://www.estilodancestudio.com

Mike Andino - Estilo Dance Studio Owner/Salsa Dance InstructorDance instructor/owner: Mike Andino

Location: Estilo Dance Studio

(Inside Fitness Works)

714 Reed Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Telephone: 215-336-0170

Comments: This place has some fine instructors – the best in the Philadelphia area! You have Mike Andino, Uriel Garcia,  George Dennis, Kathleen Eccleston, Daniel Roque, Ginny Carey, Raul Santiago Jr., Nicole Chew, and Gerald Stewart. If you are looking for a place to take a salsa dance lesson in Philly, this place is it!

La Luna Dance Studio – http://www.lalunadancestudio.com

Sonya Elmore - Owner of La Luna Dance StudioDance instructor/owner: Sonya Elmore

Location: Bensalem, PA

Comments: Sonya is another Dance Intructor close to Philadelphia. You should try different studios to see how you like the salsa dance lesson and teaching style. I have found that many who start at the Atrium Dance Studio end up taking lessons here too at one point or another.

Living in Rhythm International – http://www.livinginrhythm-intl.com

Joe Figueroa - Owner of Living in RhythmDance instructor/owner: Joe Figueroa

Location: TopHat Dance Studio

10771 Bustleton Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19116

Telephone: 215-676-3100

Comments: Get ready to get to business with this fast paced dance instructor.  Everyone who’s taken his classes has always had good things to say.  If you are up for some challenge and salsa excitement, give Joe a try. I’ve taken one of his free classes at the Reef and I was very impressed.  His teaching style keeps you on your toes.

Mambodelphia – http://www.mambodelphia.com

George Dennis - Salsa Dance InstructorDance instructor: George Dennis


Monday – Studio 1831, 1831 Brandywine St, Philadelphia, PA

Tuesday – Estilo Dance Studio, 714 Reed St, Philadelphia, PA

Private lessons by appointment only.

Telephone: 609-330-6804

Comments:“Big George” is excellent for those who want to learn styling and technique. He takes the time make sure everyone learns the steps, moves, and styling because he really cares about his students. He teaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced salsa dance classes On1 and On2 (Mambo)! He is one of the few instructors in the area who teaches mambo. If you take a salsa dance lesson with George, tell him that you found him on Salsa Dancing Addict!

Read the biography of George Dennis.

EliT Dance Academy – http://www.elitorresdance.com

Eli Torres - EliT Dance AcedemyDance instructor: Eli Torres

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Comments: Eli really is a bit elusive and mysterious. You see him at all the salsa clubs in the Philadelphia/NJ area. Yet you do not see him dance. That is.. if you don’t wait around long enough. If you are lucky to be in the room to see Eli dance, you will see all the heads in the room turn. If you want to learn how to spin like there’s no tomorrow, this is the only person you’ll need to see.



Oscare and Vensa Latin EnergyLatin Energy – Vanesa & Oscar – Toronto, Canada


Dance instructor: Venesa Stay & Oscar Naranjo

Location: Toronto, Canada

Comments: Latin Energy Dance Company founded by Vanesa Stay and Oscar Naranjo has over 14 years experience teaching salsa, performing and competing. Vanesa and Oscar are Professional Salsa Instructors and Performers. They have been awarded first place in many competitions, one of their titles include, Vice World Champions at the Miami WSF Championships 2003.

Offering both group and private Latin dance lessons for adults and kids in Toronto and Etobicoke, Oscar and Vanesa are easy to follow, professional, and make learning to dance fun. Specializing in Salsa, Argentine Tango, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia and Cha cha, Oscar and Vanesa are sure to bring out the Latin dancer in you!

Latin Energy Dance Company offers dance shows and excellent entertainment for all occasions including corporate events, private functions, weddings, festivals, Christmas parties and much more. Their performances are renowned to be full of energy and elegance, making all their shows an unforgettable experience!

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