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Where is that salsa club? Let’s go salsa dancing!

Let’s find a salsa club for you!

A salsa club is a great place to dance, meet people, and practice what you’ve learned in salsa class. The best way to learn is to go out and do it! You will find many dancers at different skill levels at these clubs. You’ll find salsa babies, intermediate dancers, and possibly advanced dancers. There is an added benefit if you can dance with someone with more experience. You’ll be able improve your dancing more quickly. If you are new to salsa dancing, you should ask for feedback and tips to see if there is something you can work on. Almost everyone is willing to help!


But remember not to take your salsa dancing too seriously when you are at a salsa club. Many people are there to have a good time social dancing. I have heard many women complain “That guy takes dancing too seriously! He was constantly complaining about my dancing and telling me what to do!” So, as a rule of thumb, do not give any advice unless it’s asked for.

Many salsa clubs are at bars and restaurants. They can also be found in warehouses, dance halls, and dance studios. Almost all of the dance clubs offer a free lesson before the dancing begins. They usually range from basic to basic/intermediate to give you a taste of what it’s like.

Salsa Club - Brasil's Philadelphia

Expect the free class to begin early in the night between 8 PM and 9 PM with social dancing starting at 10 PM. Dancing usually goes into the early morning between 1 AM and 2 AM, but some places (like in New York) do not close until 4 AM.

If you don’t have anyone to go dancing with, then just show up by yourself. You don’t need a regular dance partner. It is actually good to show up by yourself because it forces you to put yourself out there outside your comfort zone. If you show up to a salsa club with a friend, you may find yourself dancing with them the whole night. Salsa dancing is a social dance, so be social!

Men… If you are still a beginner, be a man and don’t be shy. If you only know the basic step, that’s ok. As long as you can do a good basic the woman won’t mind. The salsa community is generally easygoing and nice. We all have to start somewhere. So get out there and dance!

Women… You’ve got it easy. Just don’t hide in the corner sitting at a table, or stand too close next to another guy. If you want someone to ask you to dance, stand near the dance floor at least 5 feet away from another guy and enjoy yourself and move to the music. Another guy is bound to see you and ask you to dance.  If you are more modern and don’t like waiting, by all means, ask another guy to dance!

Cover is usually cheap, between $10 to $15. Some places don’t ask for a cover charge, so it’s free dancing all night!

If you are not familiar with the salsa club, I strongly recommend that you give them a call before going to verify the event details. Remember to bring your ID if you are going to a bar.

Scroll down and find a club, or use the Google search below.


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Please let me know of a salsa club in your area.

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