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Salsa Blacklist – Cont

Backlist – Cont

by Salsero

(Merchantville, NJ, usa)


Misc Salsero Problems:

Practicing new moves in a social context-Trying new moves without prior practice is a NO NO. Find a practice partner or take private classes. Take it easy when dancing with a salera for the first time.

Body Hygiene/Grooming– Will save the details but guys should take a shower, then use cologne (in that order), put on fresh clothes (including underpants and socks) before showing up on the dance floor. Basic groomimg goes a long way in making the salsera enjoy the music with you.

Let me Style – let the salsera work it on the dance floor cause it all about the music. Sorry, about Her. No need to be restless. Feel the music and you might just experience the reason you asked for a dance.

Misc Salsera Problems:

Would like to dance or not – I respectfully accept a NO to a dance. But please don’t step up to the dance floor moving like a zombie cause you did not want to dance in the first place.


Comments for Backlist – Cont

Jun 14, 2013 No is Acceptable NEW

by: Anonymous

I think is perfectly acceptable for a salsera to say no if she doesn’t want to dance, I do find it “offputting” for her to say “no” and then 3 seconds later say yes to someone else. Have the decency to wait until the next song. Additionally it may just be me, but I absolutely hate it when she says, “no, but dance with my friend!”

Jan 15, 2009 Regarding Body Odors

by: Salsa Dancing Addict

I just wanted to add a little bit about odors. Obviously if you take a shower you expect to smell nice and clean. But don’t forget the old adage “You are what you eat.”

If you eat huge amount of garlic or curry in your diet, you may actually emit a foul odor when you sweat, or even when you breathe!

So if you are planning to go out dancing, it may be better to lay off huge amounts of garlic and curry for a couple days before you go dancing.

And if you think that taking garlic tablets is any better, you are wrong. The garlic essence actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream, so you will still have garlic smells coming out of your pores and your breath.

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