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I usually just wear jeans, and a fitted shirt with my dance shoes and my hair down. I love looking sexy when I dance so even though I shouldn’t have my hair down I usually do mainly because I love flipping it.

I think its really important when your dancing to feel comfortable and confident and you shouldn’t ever be intimidated by anyone on the dance floor. You should just take it in and see it as learning from them and growing as a dancer!

I have only been dancing for almost a year and its the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I have been dancing my whole life but I never had the confidence to join a real school!


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Apr 13, 2010

thanks for the help :):)

by: no one you need to know 😉

um im doing a project on salsa and i was looking at this site and i saw your comment and i thought it was amazing because you should feel comfident and yourself. you should take it as a learning expiernce.

anyway what im trying to say is you really inspired cause well i am a dance but hip hop but still thank you and it really helped me undersatnd salsa if you know what im saying

no one you need to know 😉

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