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Salsa Articles And Salsa Dancing Stories

Salsa Articles And Salsa Stories

Here is your portal to find salsa articles and salsa stories.  We bring you unique, original stories and reviews that will give you a different insight on salsa.


The articles and stories are sure to entertain and educate you because they are written by salsa dancers for salsa dancers. 

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Here are some of the salsa articles to look forward to:

  • club reviews,
  • salsa interviews,
  • salsa gear reviews,
  • other aspects of salsa!

Come jump right in and read the articles below!

Salsa Articles

Salsa Articles

Hot Topic!
Salsa Blacklist

Are you on a salsa blacklist? Find out what it is and what to do about it. You may think it's an urban legend, but yes! They do exist. Find out how to avoid being on one and how to get yourself off of one. Let's find out what makes all the salseras run away from you.

Salsera Trains for Triathlon

Local Salsera seeks to save lives by participating in a Triathlon.

About Gabellini Dance Shoes

About Gabellini Dance Shoes – Classic, Sexy and Stylish Salsa Dance Shoes

Salsa Stories

Salsa Combinations in a Bavarian Town

A true salsa dancing story that tells of a salsera's experience in Germany.

Salsa Moves Cure Post Break-up Blues

Salsa moves can be the perfect cure for post break-up blues.

Perfect Salsa Partner (Dedicated to all the Tall Ladies on the Dance Floor)

When you are a tall salsera, it can be difficult to find a perfect partner for your height. But height is not the only thing you should look for.

Salsa Club Reviews

Lyrics versus Brasils: Bar Hopping or In the Hood

Get the lowdown on Lyrics and Brasils – two salsa clubs in the Philadelphia area.

Sevilla Salsa Club, Long Beach, CA

Salsa Club Review. We go salsa dancing at Sevilla in California to give you an honest review of the club.

Salsa Dancing in Syracuse, NY

We went salsa dancing in Syracuse NY on Friday. Hosted by La Familia De La Salsa at Pastime Athletic Club on Friday nights.

Salsa Website Reviews

Exotic Salsa Shoes – Review

Read my review on my recent purchase of salsa dance shoes from Exotic Salsa Shoes.

e.k. Clothing – Review

Ek Clothing Salsa Dresses
Read the review on Millie's recent purchase of salsa clothing from e.K. Clothing.



Platform Dance Shoes – Review

Read Katherine Moore’s review on Platform Dance Shoes from e.K. Clothing.

Salsa Interviews

Salsa in Philly: Why do we love it so much.

Love salsa and love life. Why do many people in Philly love salsa?

The Inspiration Behind it All: A look at the life of Willie Torres

Find out about Willie Torres, of WT Productions. He is a huge producer for salsa events in the Philadelphia like the Salsa Congress of 2006.

Up Close and Personal with Willie Torres (interview)

Get up close and personal with anGet up close and personal with an interview of Willie Torres, of WT Productions.

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