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Platform Dance Shoes Review

Platform Dance Shoes – Review

Have you seen platform dance shoes out on the dance floor? You know. The dance shoes with a half-inch raised sole and thicker heel.  Have you wondered what the big deal is? Are they worth it? Katherine Moore reviews a pair of platform dance shoes from e.K. Clothing. Let’s see what she has to say:Platform Dance Shoes

Time for a new pair of dance shoes!

Recently I decided that I need a new pair of salsa dancing shoes. I went to one of my favorite stores online, e.K. Clothing, to check out what they were offering. I came across a platform shoe that I thought looked interesting. It was very stylish and current with today’s trends and styles. Up to this point I have only had the shoes with the skinny heel and flat bottoms. The platform dance shoes looked comfortable since they had a thicker heel and more space between my toes and the floor so I figured I’d give them a try.

Platform dance shoes custom made to your style

The site had all sorts of styles, colors and designs for the platform dance shoes just like they do for the regular salsa shoes, which I thought was great. It seems that these shoes especially are custom made so if there is a color or style that you want but do not see on the site, you can ask them. The people are very helpful in working with you to get you what you want. Not only that but the woman who helped me was very prompt in replying to my inquiries.

The good and the bad…

One of the first things I noticed was that it seemed the material around the top of my foot was less giving than traditional shoes. I do not have a wider than normal foot but my feet still felt cramped. I danced in them several times hoping they would loosen a bit and did not find that to be the case. However, I think somebody with perhaps a narrow foot would find these platform dance shoes very comfortable. Also, I think there may be some sort of shoe stretcher that would work wonders.

Platform Dance Shoes HeelExtra height and studier heel

I could also see a girl who was a bit shorter to really prefer the platform and the extra height it will give her. I did like the sturdiness of the heel and felt that it did help me with some of my dance moves, especially with my core. I think the platform itself is a neat idea, but think I do better dancing when I feel closer to the dance floor. This is just my opinion and I feel that the platform would probably be preferable to other people. I just felt as if I were too high up or something. My turns were not as graceful as they could and should have been – of course that could just mean that I need more practice as well!

All in all the platform dance shoes are interesting and very pretty, but I personally prefer the regular kind of dancing shoes instead. These are not the most comfortable shoes to dance in, but sometimes you have to make a little sacrifice to look good because they certainly are very stylish! I am going to keep dancing in them because I am hoping they will stretch and will then become more comfortable. It might just be that I am not used to the platform style. Eventually I feel that they could be just as comfortable as they are stylish.

Katherine Moore - Author Platform Shoes Article ReviewArticle by Katherine Moore
May 9, 2009

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