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Multiple turns

Multiple turns

by Julie

(New York, NY, USA)


Could you recommend any special tricks, tips and/or exercises that help improve multiple turns?


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Mar 29, 2012 good luck

by: Anonymous

here you go everything is said here


ow yea when turning dont lean on the gent.
he truns you with about 5 cm space above your head.

Jul 09, 2010 Quick question…

by: Salsicia


Thanks so much for the great advice on multiple spins! I have a quick question that you may be able to answer:

I am a fairly tall girl (5’8 maybe an inch or two taller with my heels), and my dance partner is around my height as well, sometimes a little bit shorter.
When he spins me in multiple spins, I find myself pushing off the floor with my left foot to keep my momentum going and help me get around (I notice with shorter girls, guys can just spin them like a top because they are taller and thus have more control).
This is how I can obtain my multiple spins (which my dance partners put me in frequently). My question is: in all the tutorials and advice columns on multiple spins, they never mention pushing off with your left foot. Is this something that I can avoid by doing something else or is this alright because I am tall?

Any advice on this would be immensely appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Jul 24, 2009 spins

by: lopez123567

All these tips are very true. Great explanations and help for beginers

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