Miss Kitty’s Nightclub – salsa dancing in Iowa

Miss Kitty’s Nightclub is a place that I would go if I lived in Iowa.   It has a nice large hardwood dance floor, bar,  and seating area around the dance floor. Not to mention a friendly crowd, good dancers, and a good time.

On Thursdays, Melanie Rivera from Salsa Des Moines teaches the free beginner lesson from 9PM to 10PM.  She tailors the class to the skills of the dancers  that night.  When I visited this October 15th, there were at about 36 men and women taking the class.    It was pleasant to see so many people coming to learn, some for the first time.   I would recommend this class if you have never danced salsa before.  Melanie breaks down the basic steps and turns for you at a slow pace and then ramps up the speed to that of a regular salsa song.   For those that can handle extra challenge, she adds some styling for the women.

From 10PM to 11 PM the music was mainly salsa with some bachata.  Overall the crowd was friendly and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves dancing.  As the night went on, more of the intermediate and the seasoned dancers appeared.    There was ample dance space at Miss Kitty’s Nightclub, I never had to worry about dancing in someone’s space or feel like I may get stepped on.

If I lived in Iowa, I would make this one of my regular nightclubs to go salsa dancing.  Please remember to show your support by buying some drinks while you are there.. This is one place I’d like to visit again when I’m in Iowa.

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