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Matching dances to songs

Matching dances to songs

by Larry Chandler

(St. Louis, MO)


I am holding a treasure hunt this spring for my neighborhood. The theme is a night at the Copa just before the revolution, and the treasure hunt is structured around 6 different Latin dances. I need 6 songs I can buy from one or two places that can be used to teach the 6 different dances. We will only have a very brief lesson and one dance of each type, but it needs to be fun- we won’t have time for more than 5-7 min or so per dance. Got any idea where I could find a source of this music and match it to samba, rumba, etc. I would like to have a cha cha in there too, because it’s fun. No need to be authentic Cuban but if so, more the better. Of course, it would be nice to also have very basic instruction in each. Thanks!

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