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by Mariah

(Glassboro, NJ)


Salsa dancing time!

Salsa dancing time!


You hit the nail on the head.

Sometimes a male dancer can know many moves and even have good rhythm, but if they are leading TOO roughly, we will lose our ability to stay in timing with them.

Your point #4 was pivotal. We will lose our balance. Well said.

I once stopped a guy at Parx because he’d been pushing, pulling, and shoving me in all the moves he wanted me to do. Trying not to hurt his feelings I stopped dancing and asked carefully, “can you just lead me more gently?” Once he did, we were able to finish the song with some wonderfully smooth fun, and beautiful moves. It may have hurt his pride, but the dance was 100% better once he stopped leading too hard.

Oh, and by the way, #3 cracked me up!!!!

3. You feel like the girl can’t follow you. Let me rephrase that “You think all the women you dance with suck, because they can’t follow you.”

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