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Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine

by Anonymous


I would rather dance with a gentleman who doesn’t dance that well, than dance with a very good dancer that is only asking me to dance when the queens of salsa are not in the club. If I go to the spot early, I will be asked by the best, but wait until the true salseros enter the house and the gig is up.

There are some very nice guys who will dance with you as a beginner/intermediate dancer, because they haven’t forgotten how it is to be new and nervous. They are the true teachers.

So to put it in a nutshell, I do not desire and would not give the arrogant dancer the impression that I think he can dance or that I even want to dance with him. All of my girlfriends feel the same way. When we do dance with these guys, they are critical and tend to humiliate women instead of trying to have fun.

They are usually narcissist who are more concerned about how they look and cannot understand that when we make a mistake it is really not a reflection on them. And I usually don’t make mistakes with good dancers who are taking care of me as a partner.

I learn so much when my partner is confident and willing to teach me even though there may be someone in the club that he would rather dance with. I will be a future salsero who will be sought out on the dance floor as a result of dancing with the best of the best. And that has to include a true love for the heart and soul of dancing which means that you can’t keep what you have unless you give it away. And that requires patience.

So the arrogant dancer who may be the best, but is looking in the narcissist pool of water is at the top of my blacklist. The sad thing about it is that the narcissist will never recognize himself on the blacklist because it is all about them. So they will just continue to be a legend in their own minds because the girls got their number.


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Mar 13, 2013 To Liquid Sunshine NEW

by: Tony Adams

All sins are forgiven in you are fine as hell. Yes I said it. I know a lot of guys who would accept the worst mauling from a woman if she is fine, and he gets to occupy her time. I am sure an element of that attitude exists among women as well. I am, however a little confused by your comments. You will become the best by dancing with the best. News Flash! Men feel the same way. Graciously accept a chance to dance, whenever it comes.

When you become “the best” you will have opportunity to change that part of the dancing culture… Keep smilin!

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