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Buy Latin Dance Shoes For Salsa Dancing – Suede Sole Shoes

Latin Dance Shoes for you!

Its time to buy new Latin Dance Shoes for salsa dancing when the bottom of your shoes end up looking like this.

Salsa Shoe Heel Worn Out
Salsa Shoe Sole Worn Out

When they wear out, the suede sole become smooth and hard. No matter how hard or how long you brush the soles, they stay hard and smooth. Try to avoid stepping in liquids as it contributes to this problem.

Compare these old shoes to the new shoes that I bought.

Latin Dance Shoes - Comparison

Breaking in still hurts

Your shoes won’t start to feel comfortable until about 10 to 15 hours of use. They need to stretch out and form to your feet.

The leather starts out very stiff and as it stretches, it becomes more soft and subtle.

When I bought my Latin dance shoes, I didn’t wear socks when trying them on. The shoe was very snug, and it felt like my toes were a little scrunched together and a little curled (bent). These shoes are a 8.5 U.S. size and the old shoes were European size of 43.

Latin Dance Shoe New Front
Latin Dance Shoe New Side

I had to wear thin socks for the first 8 hours of break-in, as they stretched out, I was able to wear thicker socks. After about 15 hours of use, the shoes finally started to feel comfortable. My toes didn’t feel scrunched up either.

Here are the shoes after about 15 hours of use. Notice how the shape of the shoe. It has more creases and is a little bit more flexible now. Hopefully, the leather will get as soft and subtle as my old shoes.

Latin Dance Shoe Broken In

Here is another comparison of old Latin dance shoes versus new shoes.

I prefer wearing thicker socks because it adds a little more cushion to your step. It doesn’t really take away much from the feel of the floor because the soles are very thin anyway.

Compare old salsa shoes and new salsa shoes

Blister Block

Blister Block

One product that might with the break-in period is Blister Block. It looks like a little deodorant bar, but for your feet. It lubricates your skin to reduce the shoe to skin and skin to skin friction and prevent blisters from forming. It goes on clear and is also good when women have to break-in their shoes.

Where to buy Latin dance shoes

If you are looking for shoes, I recommend Exotic Salsa Shoes. You can get to their website by clicking the banner below.

Large Banner

Read the Exotic Salsa Shoes Website Review

Once you know your shoe size and style that you like, its good to buy a few pairs of shoes of the same style in different color. Then you’ll be able to coordinate with the outfit you are wearing and you won’t end up wearing out a single pair of shoes in a short amount of time.

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