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Jack Valerio And Thany Lim Salsa Dance Classes

Jack Valerio And Thany Lim Salsa Dance Classes

by Jack Valerio

(Stuart, Florida)


Everybody Loves Salsa

Everybody Loves Salsa

I am Jack Valerio and my partner is Thany Lim. We have been teaching Salsa dance lessons together for the past four and a half years and have taught more than 800 people in our community.

Our classes are not preliminary, introductory, or exploratory in nature. They are in-depth dance instruction. The goal of each class is to provide every learner with the knowledge and skill necessary to get on the dance floor and dance effectively with anyone, anywhere, at any time. We teach the techniques necessary for lead-and-follow dancing rather than memorization.

Those who are interested may find additional information at our webiste located at http://hstrial-jackvalerioth.intuitwebsites.com/index.html

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